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After much planning, I am so excited to present my new site, featuring much bigger pictures and a more user friendly (and beautiful) layout. I’ll be bringing over pieces from my previous blog, as well as posting new work all the time. Check in whenever you want to, and always feel free to comment on any post, or […]

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caro facelli They look stunning! So glad the rain was kind…and the light ended up being perfect… such a fun day with such lovely people. Beautiful work my love xxx

Seismo you fucking champion! well done lucy! i now have a fourth site i can visit in addition to anz, gmail and your blog.
i shit you not, i spend a minimum of 30-40mins a week looking at yr work online. usually dragging anyone within cooee to the screen and making sure they not only look at everything, but discuss it with me in th detail for which i have become renowned (and sometimes feared).
i am a huge fan of yr vibe (your honour). i love reading what you write too, my heart lifts and i feel good that someone is cutting such a violently beautiful swathe through the useless bullshit we have to wade through every fucking day.
thankyou for what you do,

we (the all around ‘we’) are very grateful

love you,

seismo xxxx

chelsea millunchick these are awesome lucy! love your vintage vibes xx