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2015-2016 | Some Highlights


I haven’t posted any new work on here in a really long time (eek); there’s so much gold to share.  Until I find the time, here’s a small selection of favourite moments, portraits and places from the last year and a bit.

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A Look Back at 2014 (and the first bit of 2015)


In 2014 I turned 30.
All of this also happened:



Erica These pictures so makes me want to fly you to Sweden again and get married again and again! They’re all SO gorgeous!

Tahnee Just simply breathtaking, Lucy! Such an impressive list of achievements. And so, so deserving. You are simply amazing!

Sal LUCE! You are amazing…love all your best of gorgeous thing. Hope you & Al are well!! Lots of love Sal XX

2013 // A look back


Some favourite frames (and one film) from my biggest year yet.


Adele you are phenomenal – & such an inspiration to other photographers like myself. looking forward to more work from you!

Jakub Amazing work! Looking forward to seeing more in 2014.

Christopher Morrison STOP IT!

You guys are so damn talented.

JD Freakin’ awesome Luce! What a killer body of work. Can’t wait to see what you produce this year!

Jackie Lovely wrap up Lucy! Love your work x

Carmela Feo Just beautiful Lucy – What a talented young lady you are! XXXXX

Nick Ripper!

Janet full of awesome!

Lauren j Luce, BLOODY AMAZING GIRL! Truly inspirational xx keep up the

Natalie Banks You are RIDICO. Shut up these blow my mind!

Leah Beilhart This is very stunning work. I always admire it and enjoy following you through this past year. Keep up the great work!

Tim Coulson I think you guys are really talented and I like these photos a lot.

Erica So much amazingness!
You’re awesome Luce!