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I photographed my old home – vintage vinyl store Dixon’s Recycled – for Broadsheet last week. Located on Brunswick St Fitzroy, it’s your classic treasure trove of limited edition pressings, $1 bargains, collectors items and current day releases. Coated in posters and music paraphanalia, you could get lost in there for hours. Many do.

I worked at Dixon’s for the first 3.5 years of my new life in Melbourne, before leaving to focus on Photography full time. I miss it a lot. The regulars – the odd, eccentric assortment that they are – come in each week (some each day) to rifle through the shelves and entertain the staff with endless discussions about music, film, and their personal collections. The staff have a collective knowledge that easily dominates at trivia nights, and if they can’t help you with what you’re looking for, they know who you need to see or where you need to go to find it.

They’ve recently opened a new second floor – open on weekends – crammed full of super cheap bargains.

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Eastern Market Fabrica


In 2011 I photographed Carlton’s Eastern Market, and last week I had the pleasure of captuiring their brand new city store, located at 61 Little Collins St, Melbourne. A modern, industrial looking sister to the Gothic, dramatic pioneer store, Eastern Market Fabrica is just as stunning a space to photograph. The juxtaposition of the lush, multi layered fabrics against the bright white walls and exposed utilities creates a breathtaking dynamic, and the spaciousness is a joy to browse in. Gorgeous use of fluoro lighting hanging from the ceiling and along the skirting boards only add to the overall striking appeal.

The clothes and accessories on display in both stores are unlike anything I have seen around Melbourne… I’ll be returning to browse for myself very soon.


jes Superb shots and what a lovely and bright space, perfect yes.

James Batkin-Smith What a suitably beautiful gallery to hold this art. The benchmark was high from the Chapel and yet it’s a great compliment.

John Hermon Beautifully photos, you have captured the atmosphere and the unique style of Lucy and Steven.

Chimene looks like they have some really interesting things. Great photos Lucy!



Ocha is an elegant Japanese restaurant in Hawthorn, stylishly decorated with neutral tones and soft lighting. The atmosphere is peaceful and enticing, the staff are friendly and very welcoming, and the food looks delicious (I’ll be going back soon to taste some of their delicate sushi plates… *drool*). I photographed the space for Broadsheet Magazine, I’ll post a link to the article as soon as it’s online.

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