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SAY PEACE! Print Shop Charity Fundraiser


Havana, Cuba – 2016

Say PEACE! – a collective of artists offering art in the face of adversity.

Say PEACE! offers original art in a range of large, affordable poster prints by Australian photographers (only $149 each), with 100% of the profits donated to relief efforts for the people of Aleppo, Syria.

My piece ‘Havana, Cuba – 2016’ was captured during my 2016 travels. Buy it here (there are limited numbers of each print available, so be sure to get in quick).

Cheers to Erin Neale and Tara Pearce for inviting me to be part of this wonderful initiative.

Poster size: A1 (594 x 841 mm) including white border.




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Piotrek Ziolkowski Just saying Hello. I’ve discovered your work just recently. I nearly went to last years Camp Common Folk – I regret not going, I think you were one of the speakers :)

Thomas + Danielle | A Proposal in Durham, North Carolina


Last week – while in North Carolina to shoot a wedding (much more on that very soon) – my handsome She Takes Pictures He Makes Films sidekick Alastair and I were having a sunset drink atop the Durham Hotel, when a man approached us:

‘Hey guys, sorry to bother you, but my buddy’s about to arrive with his girl… he’s proposing to her tonight, and was hoping to use this spot – would you guys mind moving to a different table for him?’

‘Of course! How exciting…

…does he have someone to shoot it?!’

Minutes later, we were honoured (and lucky!) to have the chance to document the moment Thomas and Danielle put a ring on it. What a moment it was.

To Thomas + Danielle: Massive congratulations, you two! We’re stoked to have been there to capture it all x

See bottom of the post for a little film by Alastair, featuring a soundtrack by Analog Colours.


Anna It was meant to be! What a moment to be a part of! Gorgeous. :)

Hannah So good!! I love a surprise proposal! Congratulations to the newly engaged couples!!
(P/s: i have been following your work for a while and it is awesome). ❤️❤️

Shirley How lucky are they! Beautiful work as always!

Tristan What an awesome story, and beautiful set of photos to go with it. You guys killed it! So, so rad.

Spain on Film


Alastair and I recently returned from a road trip through Spain (after shooting a spectacular wedding in Portugal – coming soon to the blog).  In what turned out to be the best decision I’ve made in a long time, I borrowed a Yashica Mat 124G from my friend Jason Lau, filled my bag with Kodak Tri-X and Ilford HP5 film, and set off to document our adventure the old fashioned way. I only wonder why it took me this long to rekindle my love of the analogue process.

Back at Photography school I shot film almost exclusively, but for the last 6 years I’ve worked only with digital. Getting back to this shooting style is like blissful photo-therapy; a chance to slow down, look, think, and make careful decisions at a steady pace.

Limited fine art prints available for purchase – contact me for a price list.


Tristan These are so insanely good. I was in Barcelona in July and your photos capture how beautiful the city is, SO perfectly. Definitely shoot more film, Lucy!

Jai Long These are insanely good :)

Myekie Awesome work! I love the mood.

Karen Such beautiful shots!

Lauren Murphy Felt like I was there, beautiful images.

Jack Chauvel Gorgeous series :) Dont stop that film shooting again!

Jessica Tremp They’re really beautiful Lucy! x

Glenn These are all just awesome – your tones are killing it!

Oli Off the chain Luce. Nothin compares. You did an insanely beaut job.

Tahnee Incredible. So beautiful, Lucy!

James Bennett LOVE THESE!! Really nice Lucy, congrats.

Eric Ronald Fantastic Lucy. Well done.

El Gorgeous shots! Seriously good!