Victoria + Edin // Werribee Mansion Wedding // Melbourne


I have become a social anthropologist.

It’s one of the most wonderful perks of photographing weddings; for a whole day, I step into the lives of other families and become part of one of their most treasured memories. I hear their music, try their food, learn about their history, what traditions they value, how they show their love… and on top of all of that, I have the honour of capturing it all.

Seeing two different cultures be tied together by love is extra special. When two people with families from different parts of the globe commit to each other and bring those families together, we realise how much we are all alike; and yet how much we can also all learn from each other’s stories.

Victoria is Australian-born Chinese, and Edin immigrated to Australia from Bosnia as a child. Both had family visit from their homelands to celebrate their wedding in the grounds of the Werribee Mansion. They paid tribute to Victoria’s heritage with a tea-ceremony, and danced into the night to traditional Bosnian dance songs.

Thanks to Linda Hampton for her wonderful assistance.


Sprucy Lucy, (Edin’s input)
When we first met you, we knew we had to have you as our photographer. You are fun, charismatic, relaxed and graced with worlds of talent. For a camera shy couple like us, we wanted our photos to be as candid and natural as possible. 
We love that your style is about telling stories. Not just the big moments but also the small ones and how they all come together. Thanks for telling our story in such amazing imagery. 
When Edin and I grow old and wrinkly, we’ll turn the pages of our wedding album and cherish the moments you’ve captured so honestly. Xo – Victoria + Edin



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