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I photographed lovely author Marita Davies for Issue #67 of Frankie Magazine.

Her children’s book Teaote & The Wall tells the story of a Kiribati Islands woman, determined to build a strong wall – tall enough to keep out the gigantic waves that threaten her island home. Using this simple tale, Davies helps children to understand the climate change issues that surround her home country – a country so small that few of us have heard of it.

“Teaote and the Wall is a book for little people. It is a visually stimulating children’s book that is set in the tiny Pacific Island country of Kiribati. But, it’s more than a book.  It’s a movement. And this movement needs you.

 The tiny Pacific nation of Kiribati is currently facing an environmental crisis. Sitting just 3 meters above sea level, the rapidly rising seawaters are threatening the lands and culture of Kiribati. Home to over 100,000 people, the islands of Kiribati are predicted to besubmerged under water within 50 years.

 Kiribati sits at the halfway point between Australia and Hawaii and is one of the smallest nations in the world. And its voice on a global scale is tiny.

 Teaote and the Wall is part of a project to not only raise the awareness of Kiribati’s situation but to also keep the stories of the people alive. We believe that power is education and in order to change the world, we start with the little people we love.

 Let’s talk about a country that so many people don’t even know exist. Let’s leave phrases like ‘climate change’ and ‘environmental awareness’ to the side for now. Let’s talk hot, hot suns and tremendous waves.

 Buy a copy of Teaote and the Wall and you are directly strengthening the awareness and voice for Kiribati.” – Marita Davies

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