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Moments Apart


Hard rock act Moments Apart are currently recording their new album – we caught up a couple of weeks back to capture their new lineup. Keep an ear out for their new tunes in the coming months.



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The Bon Scotts // Melbourne Music Photography


I recently had the pleasure of working with The Bon Scotts.

I would just like to formally thank the sun for all the things it does. Particularly in the golden hour. Yum.

You can hear the band’s awesome new folk rock sounds here, or follow them here.

Thanks to Theresa Harrison for her assistance.

One random portrait, just because the man photographs so damn well…

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Phil Schinbein Aw thanks Lucy, I do photograph well don’t I? :) Any time you need a model let me know.

Recent Band Shoots – Hello Satellites // Letter B // The Stabbing Trade


A few band promo shoots from recent months – Eva Popov and her band Hello Satellites, jazz outfit Letter B, and hard rock act The Stabbing Trade.

Styling and assistance for the Hello Satellites shoot provided by Hania Glapa.

// Hello Satellites //


// Letter B //


// The Stabbing Trade //

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Shari So not ‘typical’ Luce! Love it x