Alice + Jon



Ahem… sorry, this wedding has just made me a little giddy. I’d met beautiful Alice and her wild bushman Jon through friends several times, so I was surrounded by familiar and much loved faces; but even without that lovely bonus, this was an extraordinary celebration filled with (face hurting) laughter and true love. Many more to come soon…



Alice And I can’t wait to see it!! See you post-campingmoon, gorgeous! xxx

admin Oh thanks darling, I’m so happy you love it – and all your faces are amazing! So much genuine joy flows out of your expressions. I’m just going through all the proofs now; you look absolutely angelic. So much love to you and Jon, I can’t wait to show you your day through my eyes x x x

Alice Lucy. I don’t know where to begin. A gazillion thank yous for making Saturday so special, and especially for making us look so special here!! ;)

I absolutely LOVE this photo!! I’m so excited to see the others and I trust that with your AMAZING eye, they will be fabulous.

(PS – Go to town with the photoshopping if need be. As you are aware, I have a tendency to pull some pretty un-Frankie faces.)

Love you and your work. xxx

Rach // In Spaces Between WOW! Can’t wait to see this one lovely, what a gorgeous shot (it speaks 1000 words) xx

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