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Eastern Market


Stepping into Carlton’s Eastern Market is like finding yourself within a fantastical world of a Tim Burton film. The exquisite, almost gothic style clothing and accessories are imported from the fashion houses of Japan and Europe, and are truly unlike anything I’ve found elsewhere in Melbourne.

I had the opportunity to capture this stunning space for Broadsheet. Set in a beautiful renovated church, it really is a sight to behold.

Click here for the full profile on Broadsheet.


Kirralee What a great shop! Beautiful detail images :)

Judith Wittels Beautiful shop and the most wonderful assortment of designers and the best from each of them. I love these animal hats….Where on earth are they from??? Congraduations on the write up to Stephen, Lucy & Happy.

REhearse @ Window 99


REhearse is an initiative by the good folk at Window99, a Brunswick st window gallery space. They’ve opened the window displays to create an exposed rehearsal space, with over a dozen performance artists using the space to create their latest pieces.

I was invited to photograph a session with Chimene and Elenor. They’re working on a dance piece which is 100% collaborative, drawing inspiration from a variety of emotions. Within the session there were no choreographed moves… they sat together asking questions of a personal (and very random) nature, then began creating movements expressing the moods they had put themselves in.


seis faaarrk yeah. these moments look like reasons to continue to do….

humans…. doing things …….

Elanor Jane Webber Wow. Stunning work! Love these photos.

Chimene Steele-Prior Awesome Photos!!!!!
We are so lucky to have such an amazing photographer document this rehearsal time for us. Thank you Lucy. Spectacular!

The Brix


The good people over at Broadsheet asked me to photograph an elegant new cafe/bistrot in Fitzroy, The Brix. Located just off Brunswick St on Westgarth, this funky little place is gorgeously decorated with an eclectic and unique style, complete with a giant black pig table at the front door. This is what modern cafes are missing. Giant pigs.

The coffee is delicious… I haven’t sampled the food yet, but it looked and smelled delightful!

To view the full write up on Broadsheet, click here.

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Jamie I was there the other day! The food was yum, I’ll be going back for sure. Very nice shots, you’ve done the place justice! Love the one of the pig =)