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Recent Band Shoots – Hello Satellites // Letter B // The Stabbing Trade


A few band promo shoots from recent months – Eva Popov and her band Hello Satellites, jazz outfit Letter B, and hard rock act The Stabbing Trade.

Styling and assistance for the Hello Satellites shoot provided by Hania Glapa.

// Hello Satellites //


// Letter B //


// The Stabbing Trade //

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Shari So not ‘typical’ Luce! Love it x

Hiatus Kaiyote, Great Earthquake + The Harpoons Live // PBS Drive Live


My friends at PBS asked me to come in and photograph Hiatus Kaiyote, Great Earthquake and The Harpoons as they performed live on air for the station’s Drive Live week.

I love my job.

Grammy nominated Hiatus Kaiyote are arguably the most exciting band to come out of Melbourne in the last few years. Praised by such RnB/Soul gods as Erykah Badu and Questlove (The Roots), this insanely talented four piece’s soulful tunes (and singer Nai Palm’s sultry vocals) are truly minblowing. If you haven’t heard them yet, get out from under that rock and do your ears a favour.

The lineup also introduced me to Great Earthquake, a one-man-loop-pedal-machine, layering all manner of instruments to create some awesome and complex rhythms; and The Harpoons – a smooth toned RnB/Soul act extremely worth your time.

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Juan Pablo Hernández Forero Amazing photos.Is incredible to perceive the intimacy of the elaboration of an artistic fact. Hiatus talent doesn’t have roof.

Coops + The Bird // A Music Video


We recently collaborated with gorgeous Adelaide based duo Coops + the Bird (Jake Cooper and Bianka Feo) to create their first music video – a visual accompaniment to Crow, the second single off their debut EP.

The moment I first heard the recorded song I had a vision for the clip, and pitched it to the band. They’d already had similar offers from established filmmakers, but luckily for me they loved the idea. We filmed over four days on Hindmarsh Island, South Australia.

This was my first time directing, and I couldn’t have done it without Alastair Innes’ amazing cinematography and Carolina Facelli’s invaluable production assistance, styling and makeup skills, as well as her beautiful costume design (as seen in Bianka’s ‘Crow’ skirt). Huge thanks also go to my brother Will Spartalis for his help in post production, and to Glenn Jaunzarins and Alexis Bromilow for their company (and for keeping us filled with delicious food and beverages throughout the shoot).

I hope you enjoy the film.

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Dim Seriously, amazing work guys. Everything blends and melts in seamlessly. On repeat all night.