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2015-2016 | Some Highlights

I haven’t posted any new work on here in a really long time (eek); there’s so much gold to share.  Until I find the time, here’s a small selection of favourite moments, portraits and places from the last year and a bit.

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A Look Back at 2014 (and the first bit of 2015)

In 2014 I turned 30.
All of this also happened:



Erica - These pictures so makes me want to fly you to Sweden again and get married again and again! They’re all SO gorgeous!

Tahnee - Just simply breathtaking, Lucy! Such an impressive list of achievements. And so, so deserving. You are simply amazing!

Sal - LUCE! You are amazing…love all your best of gorgeous thing. Hope you & Al are well!! Lots of love Sal XX

2013 // A look back

Some favourite frames (and one film) from my biggest year yet.


Adele - you are phenomenal – & such an inspiration to other photographers like myself. looking forward to more work from you!

Jakub - Amazing work! Looking forward to seeing more in 2014.

Christopher Morrison - STOP IT!

You guys are so damn talented.

JD - Freakin’ awesome Luce! What a killer body of work. Can’t wait to see what you produce this year!

Jackie - Lovely wrap up Lucy! Love your work x

Carmela Feo - Just beautiful Lucy – What a talented young lady you are! XXXXX

Nick - Ripper!

Janet - full of awesome!

Lauren j - Luce, BLOODY AMAZING GIRL! Truly inspirational xx keep up the

Natalie Banks - You are RIDICO. Shut up these blow my mind!

Leah Beilhart - This is very stunning work. I always admire it and enjoy following you through this past year. Keep up the great work!

Tim Coulson - I think you guys are really talented and I like these photos a lot.

Erica - So much amazingness!
You’re awesome Luce!